Our motto is “Quality service for every client, in every matter in earliest possible time”.

    We are a comprehensive IP research, Patent Analytics, and IP Prosecution boutique based in New Delhi, Capital of The Republic of India rendering IP solutions to businesses, scientific and legal community, Technical institutions including Universities and colleges, and IP Firms across the Globe. We provide a number of IP related services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

    Our values

    Our honesty helps us creating and nurturing a healthy professional relationship between our clients and us. We don't give false hopes, if there is no possibility.
    We understand that our work contributes in strategic decisions of our clients and honesty in such matters is a must.
    Ethical Practices
    We believe in and follow ethical practices in our services. This saves our clients from all kinds of future legal discomforts.
    Transparency in our services helps our clients in making decisions fast and effective.


    • PATENT
    • DESIGN

    Patent Services

    Our IP experts have strong technical background and expertise in handling cases relating to their field of technologies. We review technical disclosures provided by clients for expert opinions on patentability and patent validity, drafting of patent specifications to provide broadest possible protection to the invention, file inventions under domestic law for national level patents or international routes as client needs, prosecute of patent applications, and Patent pre-grant/Post grant opposition. We also provide patent analysis services including searching, invalidation, proofreading, FTO, and competitor watch.

    Trademarks Services

    We provide end to end Trademarks related services like Trade mark search, Filing of Trademark applications, Renewals, opposition, rectification, Actions of infringement, and passing off. We also provide our services in Trademark Assignment, licenses and transmissions, drafting assignment deed, consequent registration of assignment, etc.

    Copyrights Services

    In copyrights, we provide services related to Registration, assignment, infringement of a copyright, Software copyright applications, Drafting assignment deeds for transfer of copyrights, drafting royalty agreements, etc

    Industrial Designs Services

    Designs gives legal protection to ornamental features of a functional item. We provide services related to Design Search, filing, prosecuting, Renewal, Design watch, and opposition of design applications in India and Abroad. Additionally, we guide our clients by Advising them on possibilities of Registration of their Design, remedies possible if an Infringement of their Designs happens, and Opposition and Licensing of Design.

    Our people

    Ms Anu Gupta

    Managing Partner
    New Delhi

    Ms Anu is Managing Partner of InPatent Professionals LLP and is an Indian patent Agent…

    Piyush Upadhyay

    Managing Partner | Indian Patent Agent
    New Delhi

    Piyush Upadhyay is a Managing Partner of InPatent Professionals LLP. He is a registered…

    Why choose us?

    Global Partnership
    We are associated with number of IP service providers in the world to provide our clients with best IP services globally.
    Our network of professionals helps us giving best solutions to our clients when they need IP protection outside India.
    Competitive Costs
    We provide high quality IP Services at costs which our clients find reasonable.
    Certainly, there is always a person who is charging lesser than us. But, the real questions to be asked here are quality, stability, and credibility. We are not competing with him. But, we assure you that the professional charges we offer are highly competitive when the quality is considered.
    Powered by Knowledge
    We are a team of experts. We are a skilled workforce that provides quality of services in Intellectual Property domain and well proudly recommended by our clients. We are an organized team of professionals that understands the importance of timelines, and believes that client’s satisfaction is the ultimate success.
    We follow strict confidentiality policy. Every employee at InPatent is bounded to keep every information received from clients confidential.
    We stand for every assistance our client needs in IP. This also includes casual, formal, and technical queries.
    Our time-to-respond to queries is very low and total satisfaction of our clients is the aim when we address questions.
    We are a team of professionals having collective experience of more than 50 years.

    What our clients say about us?

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